FAQ's in Medicine

The 30 chapters of the present FAQ book are meant to enhance the potential of the medical student to appear in the practical examinations. More chapters will be added in near future.

Over the years, there are set pattern of questions that are asked at the bedside during examinations. Several of them are interlinked and appear as a sequence. The method of performing a clinical test must be accurate and the interpretation of the observations assist in arriving at the final diagnosis.

A Sample test is made available for you to appreciate the contents of the book. The sample questions will be shown is random order and marking will de done as "+4" for correct answer and "-1" for incorrect answer.


Sr. No Name
1 Abducens nerve
2 Aphasia
3 Blood Pressure
4 Cardiac auscultation
5 Cardiac murmurs
6 Cerebellar signs
7 Clubbing & nail signs
8 Cranial nerve IX, X & XI
9 Cyanosis
10 Edema
11 Facial nerve
12 Gait disorders
13 Hypoglossal nerve
14 Jugular venous pulse (JVP)
15 Lumbar puncture
16 Lymphadenopathy
17 Mental status examination (MSE)
18 Oculomotor nerve
19 Olfactory nerve
20 Optic nerve
21 Pleural effusion
22 Pneumothorax
23 Pulse
24 Reflexes
25 Respiratory system
26 Sensory examination
27 Splenomegaly
28 Trigeminal nerve
29 Trochlear nerve
30 Vestibulocochlear nerve